(850) Altona @ 15Sep05

Occultation Maps for North America

(850) Altona Asteroidal Occultation

ASTEROID(850) Altona
Mag 14.8
STAR2UCAC 24883368
Mag 11.5
RA 17:26:48.897
Dec -18° 11' 1.74"
Mag Drop 3.4m
Max Duration 4.1 sec

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1 degree spacing between data points.
Based on data updated 2005 Aug 11, 23:42 UT.
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Green Path Centerline.
Blue Path Limit Line (width of asteroid's shadow).
The area between the blue and red lines in the Uncertainty Zone.
Red Path Error Limit Line. There is a 68% probability that the asteroid's shadow will fall somewhere between the two Path Error Limit Lines.
Black User defined offsets from the path center line.

Path data sourced from Steve Preston's Asteroidal Occultation Predictions site.

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